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We take companies from product ideas to real business plans and execution.

Why Pivotal Path ?
Pivotal Path helps business executives define and implement their company’s roadmap to the future. Pivotal Path provides business planning, product management and advisory consulting services to high technology companies and startups, helping to produce detailed Business Plans, Product Roadmaps and Digital Transformation for business growth and execution. 
  1. "Jeff was instrumental in helping create our business case and preparing for several rounds of VC funding... Scott played a crucial role...compiling business analysis and market data"

    - Dale Hecht, Co-Founder Intelliden Corporation
  2. "Your team provided a rare combination of experience and dedication to service and completed my project within a very compressed timeframe. The resulting deliverables from Pivotal Path were exceptional"

    - Mark Hardy, GM - SANZ Geospatial Group
  3. "Their approach to problem solving, from up-front planning through execution and deliverables and their obvious ease in working confidently with clients differentiates them from other consulting firms."

    - Bernard Sandoval, CEO - Sandia Advertising
Business Planning
Product Planning / Management
Executive Advisory Services
Create detailed, actionable Business Plans and Product Roadmaps; Perform Market / Competitive Analysis; Produce Capital Budget, Pricing and Financial Models
Produce product definitions, roadmaps and requirements; Perform market analysis and release planning; Instill Product Management as a discipline 
Coordinate Enterprise Architecture (EAP) and technical merger planning; Align processes and organizations; Contribute to Executive Advisory boards 
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